Artwork is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room. By grouping some of your favourite prints together, they not only create a story about who you are but also add layers of interest to an otherwise plain wall.  

When creating a gallery wall, try grouping different sizes together. Don't be afraid to mix different subject matter, in fact it will add interest to the final room. When grouping prints together, try to pick artwork that has a similar colour palette and framing. This will help bring cohesion to your space.



Bring a sense of casualness to your space by stacking artwork together. The trick here is to not line everything too perfectly, it is like you just casually placed the artwork on the shelf without giving too much thought. Bring unity to your space by picking artwork with similar colour palette and framing.

Stacking artwork to bring energy to a home


By grouping similar art together, you can make a subtle statement in a modern neutral home. 

Here we have paired two A2 prints for a lover of classic cocktails.

A statement wall with two similar prints