Name: Lewis | Owner: Leonie

Friends in my street adopted Lewis from the RSPCA when he was about 4 years old. No-one knew his past history but he’d had a bad time as he was aggressive towards strange men. The young couple (his new family) both worked long hours and he was left at home. He suffered from separation anxiety so tried to escape their yard most days. Often I would see him “setting out” on an adventure along the street and I’d go after him. He loved this and turned it into a game I’m sure.
One day I was out in my car about 5 kms from home and here was Lewis trotting along having an adventure! I stopped, called him, he jumped into the car and we came home!
As a result, Lewis started coming to my house for sleepovers, visits during the day, and longer stays when they went on holidays. I’m semi-retired and work from a home office so I was ideal for Lewis, he had company!
Lewis - work in progess
In the space of  2 years sadly the young girl (his adopted Mum whom he adored) was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30 and sadly lost her life. As well as all of us, Lewis was devastated. He literally fretted and could often be found sleeping on her clothes in the wardrobe etc. His adopted Daddy was of course also devastated having lost his wife and asked me could I possibly have Lewis to stay whilst he got himself together.  Lewis moved in along (upon my insistence) with a piece of Mummy's clothing! After about a month he no longer slept on her piece of clothing so I knew he was recovering. About  4 months later, he went home again but every opportunity he escaped and came rattling my security door. Finally, I was asked if I’d like to have Lewis full time. he moved in permanently and I adopted him formally so he was MY dog.
That was now 4 years ago. He knows this is his “forever” home. He loves me and the feeling is mutual. After living full time with me for about 6 months I decided we had to get rid of the “strange men” aggression and the separation anxiety so we went to see a Dog Whisperer. He was nothing short of a m a z i n g and it was the best $165 I have ever spent.
Lewis is completely cured of the anxiety, he is far improved with men he doesn’t know. He’s a very happy (and spoilt) dog. So now we can enjoy our “retired” years together.