Below are my top five recommendation for affordable and stylish framing:


      1. Country Road Adler Frame

        Country Road Adler Frame

        This is a great modern frame if you want something super simple with minimal effort. All the Country Road frames are sized to our standard paper size, so all you need to do is pick the right frame to match your print size.

        There is an option for with or without a mat board, aka a border. Just make sure to pick a size up if you prefer a mat board. For this frame, I tend to go for the no mat board look to create a clean minimalist style.

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      2. IKEA HOVSTA Frame

        Ikea Hovsta Frame

        This is a modern and clean picture frame that lets the art print speak for itself. With a myriad of colour and framing options available, the HOVSTA is a great little workhorse that helps you achieve that customised look you are after. You can frame the artwork close to the front or behind the box frame insert to add depth. And with or without the accompanying mount.

        To buy:

        PRO TIP: Buy double-sided mounting foam and stick the print on top of the mount card to create that modern “floated” look.


      3. IKEA EDSBRUK Frame

        Ikea Edsbruk Frame

        This is another one of my favourite affordable frames if you are after that modern classic look. The frame itself has subtle “grooves” which gives it a clean traditional feel. It is also super sturdy and looks more expensive than it really is. 

        For this frame, I like to frame the print behind the mat board to continue that traditional vibe. 

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      4. Ready-made frames from specialist framing shops

        Don’t let a professional framer scare you. Nowadays, many professional framers offer ready-made frames that you can purchase and take home yourself. These are usually sized to standard paper sizes and are a cheaper alternative to custom framing. 

        Buying from a framer is great if you are not confident about your first framing project and you want someone to guide you in making your first purchase.

        Simply google ready-made frames with your city/suburb and you should find a list of places to start with.

        Pro Tip: Worried about hanging the framed art? You can often find someone to hang artwork, mirrors and TVs on Airtasker or through local directories.


      5. Kmart, Target and Officeworks

        You can’t go past Kmart, Target and Officeworks if you are looking for a super affordable option. Their frames are often sized to standard paper sizes so all you need is to find a style to suit your decor. Be warned, finding a good frame from these places are like finding a needle in a haystack. Make sure you check out the frame in person before buying. In my experience, the most simple styles are best.

        Pro Tip: Bring the print or a cardboard that is the same size as the print with you, so you can visualise how it’ll fit in the frame easily.


I hope this helps with choosing your art frame. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Don’t forget, I can also offer custom print sizing to make sure the print fits perfectly with the frame you have purchased. Simply send me an email and I shall respond within 2 business days.