As an artist, I draw inspiration from my personal experiences, and this piece is a tribute to the beauty of cultural diversity.

This kitchen art print is inspired by my family's weekend rituals when we used to go to yum cha on a regular basis. It was a way for my parents to stay connected to their culture, and as a child, I was fascinated by the subtle differences I noticed during these visits. For instance, seeing soft drinks available at yum cha, learning that picking up foods with my hands is acceptable, and discovering fortune cookies for the first time. Although seemingly small details, they hold a significant place in my memories and personal growth.

I'm also thrilled to share that the original drawing has been chosen as a finalist in the Burwood Art Show 2023, which is a great honour for me as an artist. The original drawing will be available to view and purchase at the Burwood Art Show in May. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this art print.